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About LADD Dental Group of Bunker Hill

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Family Dental Care

 Dr. Newman and his team treat patients of all ages and are currently accepting new patients. Our office utilizes the latest dental technology, and we treat our patients the way they want to be treated. Give us a call today at (765) 689-8888, and experience the LADD Dental difference!  

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Sedation Dentistry

 One of the major benefits of sedation dentistry is the illusion of time it provides. You may feel like your procedure only lasted a few minutes when it may have taken over an hour to perform. In addition, sedation dentistry addresses many fears that may keep you from visiting the dentist on a regular basis. Patients who choose sedation dentistry are more likely to receive the recommended care and increase their oral health. Dental patients with generalized anxiety, belonephobia (fear of needles and sharp instruments), prior dental trauma, or generalized fear of the dentist can take oral medication in order to reduce their anxieties. A variety of single and incremental dose protocols are used to medicate the patient as early as the day before treatment. Medication additionally helps reduce memory or the sights and smells of the dental office to avoid recall of any trauma. The sedative effect allows more dentistry to be completed in fewer appointments, as well as allowing complex procedures to be performed in less time. 

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Preventative Dental Care

 The best method of dental treatment is to catch any potential danger before it becomes a problem. Preventive dentistry emphasizes the importance of ongoing hygiene procedures and daily practices to prevent tooth decay and other dental diseases and conditions. Effective preventive dentistry combines at-home oral care by patients with chairside treatments and counseling by dental professionals.For example, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends a minimum of two dental checkups each year for professional cleaning and management of any developing conditions. Adhering to this recommendation can help your dentist stop dental disease in its earliest stages, protecting your smile and limiting your expense.

Getting regular dental visits and exams will help prevent most dental issues.  We accept almost every type of dental insurance, witch traditionally cover routine X-rays and cleanings, and  keep our dentists informed about the state of your oral health. This allows us to provide you with vital, personalized advice to improve your hygiene and keep your teeth healthy. Don't wait, give Ladd Dental of Bunker Hill a call today at  (765) 689-8888 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Newman today!


DentalOne: Discount Dental Plan

 Don't have dental insurance, don't panic?! Here at LADD Dental Group, we offer an In-House Discount Dental Plan called DentalOne. Some of the benefits of this program are: 

  • 100% of your preventive care-cleanings, X-Rays, and Checkup Exams 
  • No Waiting Period 
  • No Annual Maximum 
  • No Claims Forms 
  • No Pre-Authorizations 
  • Coverage to Fit Your Needs 
  • Know your Savings Before your Dental Treatment 

Our Services

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General & Specialty Dental Care

 Our team of general dentists and dental specialists treat patients of all ages and are currently accepting new patients. Our offices utilizes the latest dental technology, and we treat our patients the way they want to be treated. Give us a call today, and experience the LADD Dental difference!  

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Don't have Dental Insurance?

DentalOne is a discount dental plan that provides significant savings on dental procedures for you and your family. Now it is easier and more affordable to maintain your dental health. Although it is not insurance, it provides many of the same quality dental care services. With DentalOne, everyone is accepted, there are no limits on usage, and no lengthy forms to file.
Members can save 20% - 100% on many dental procedures including oral exams, cleanings and x-rays.
Members save 20% on all other dental services including cosmetic, restorative and specialty dental procedures.
DentalOne members save at least $250 per year on preventative care alone!
Give Ladd Dental a call today, to learn more about how Dental One can benefit you and your smile!  


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Affordable Dental Care

We pride ourselves on providing affordable dental care. That is why we offer monthly dental promotions to help our patients get the treatment they need! Give our affordable dentist in Bunker Hill, Dr. Newman, a call today, and experience the LADD Dental difference! 

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Affordable Sedation Dentistry | Child & Adult Sedation

 🚨 #Affordable #Child #Sedation in #Bunker #Hill! Give Dr. Newman and his team a 📞 today, and learn more about how #sedation #dentistry can provide you and your child with a better #dental #experience! 💯😴💤 

Experienced Dental Care | Celebrating 40 Years

 🚨⚡️We have been serving the #North #Central #Indiana community for the past 40 years, and we are truly grateful to the entire community for their trust and support for these past 4 decades! We are a family serving families, and we are looking forward to making the next 40 years of providing dental care even better!! If you or your family is in need of quality, convenient, affordable dental care, give us a call today, and experience the #LADD #Dental difference!! 👀🙌✅ 

Community Minded Dentist

 We were fortunate enough to provide Free #Dental #Exams and simple #cleanings to over 150 kids at our #Head #Start #Event in #Kokomo this past Friday! At LADD, we are strong believers in giving back to the communities that we serve. Which is why we are proud to announce that this year, we have already provided Free dental services and supplies to over 1,000 #North #Central #Indiana #children & #families!  PS- And a huge shout-out to all of the volunteers and staff that made this event so succes

Advance Dental Care

 We utilize a cloud-based dental management software that allows our patients the ability to fill out their New Patient and Insurance information from the comfort of their home. Select the text box below to find all of our patient paperwork and documentation. 

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